From the start, our founder Mick Fabar was committed to driving Green Homes Australia to excellence.

Mick Fabar - Managing Director - Green Homes Australia

Way back in 2001, Mick started out with his own company Mick Fabar Construction in Orange, quickly making a name for himself. His meteoric rise was acknowledged with an award for excellence from the Master Builders Association in 2005 for a redevelopment project. However, just when business was on an upswing, the industry changed, and things fell apart. A mining boom in Orange saw builders flocking to this small town to bag construction projects on offer. To maintain higher profits, they offered cut throat rates that compromised quality in return for quantity.

Mick refused to compromise his standard of excellence. Instead branching out into an inventive and ground-breaking field, founding Green Homes Australia in 2006, a construction company with a difference. The entire focus of the GHA is to create energy efficient homes, which consumed less electricity than conventional houses.

The measures adopted by Mick Fabar for his unique green homes were not very complicated but still pioneering in nature. In the building plans, he incorporated features like; an extensive use of solar energy over traditional power sources, passive heating and cooling solutions, recycling applications and rainwater harvesting.

To spread awareness of this model of energy efficient homes, Mick built two concept houses in 2008 in Orange and invited builders to share his expertise within a franchise model. About 20 builders joined up, and through them, millions of Australians have benefitted from Mick’s pioneering and innovative efforts in this field. In March, 2013, Green Homes Australia officially launched as a National Building Franchise, growing swiftly in the following three years to become a market leader.

Green Homes Australia’s founding focus was to deliver affordable, energy saving homes. Not only are green homes a sustainable and informed building choice, but they also create a typical home environment for a lower operating cost. Not only is the building cost a standard industry competitive price, over the year it saves homeowners an average of 60% on their usual energy bill.

With a focus on having the best green accreditation available for its business and its home wherever possibly, Mick invested in both time and money to obtain certification for the energy management system applied in the design and construction of Green Homes Australia homes. In November 2015, Green Homes Australia to become the first company in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere to be accredited with ISO50001:2011 – Energy Management.

The accreditations did not stop there, with Mick’s efforts leading to several more prestigious ISO certifications. These included the ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems, the ISO 14001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and the ISO 50001 for Energy Management Systems. On top of these accreditations, any construction by Green Homes Australia and Mick Fabar Constructions, is universally recognised as an energy efficient building company.

In 2016, Mick assisted in taking the brand international with Green Homes New Zealand launching in November 2016. With a display home and two offices already open in Auckland and Christchurch, Mick has played an integral role in bringing Green Homes to New Zealand.