Summer Energy Saving Tips - Green Homes Australia

Feeling the temperature rising? It’s natural to automatically turn the air-conditioner on when the heat starts to become unbearable, but there are some great and cost-effective ways to stay cool but also save money on your energy bills.

CSIRO has given some top tips to help you stay cool this summer, here they are:

– Do you even need an air-conditioner for your home? Ceiling or pedestal fans can cost 10 times less than running an air-conditioner in the same room.

– Make sure your air-conditioner is set between 24 and 25C. Every degree equals 10% more power being used.

– Do a yearly maintenance inspection of your air-conditioner and ensure that the filters are clean. If they’re not, it will be working extra hard to omit the cool air into your home.

– Close the windows and doors in the space where the air-conditioner is being used. Close all blinds and curtains too so it keeps the cool air in.

– Cool down the house at night by opening windows on both sides of the house to help with cross-flow ventilation. Try and trap that cool air by closing all doors, blinds, and curtains before you leave your home in the morning.

– Use external blinds to keep the sun out of the house.

These are just a few simple things you can do to help stay cool and keep those energy bills down all summer long.