Land for Sale

Pick the perfect block of land for your new home

Green Homes Australia want to make it easy for you to own the energy efficient home you’ve always wanted. Picking the right block of land is one of the first and most important steps when building your green home. You should be choosing a block that offers the most benefits and passive design opportunities. Fortunately, GHA has land for sale that could be the next location of your energy efficient home.

Here’s what to consider when looking at land for sale

Passive Home Design

You want to be able to ensure that it has the best passive design because 40% of energy use within a home comes from heating and cooling. A passive home that considers the surrounding climate can dramatically reduce your home energy consumption. Therefore when looking at rural land for sale, you may have to consider different passive design options as opposed land for sale in a city. Green Homes Australia help new home builders develop sustainable passive design options suited to their chosen block of land.

Optimal Orientation

Optimal orientation of your block of land is another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing, as the correct orientation allows for natural warming and cooling. When choosing your land for sale, in particular, rural land for sale, think about how you are going to orientate the design to get the most out of the natural sunlight. Also, consider the climate of where you are looking to build your energy efficient home. Depending on your climate, you will need to consider where to place living areas to gain maximum benefits.

Optimal orientation of land for sale

Here are some location tips to consider when looking to buy a block of land:

– Look for a North facing block. A North facing block is the best orientation for an energy efficient design. This will allow you to perfect your Green Homes design and achieve the best possible reduction in energy costs.

– If you’re in a cooler climate, look for land that will allow you to have optimal access to the sun. The Winter sun is great for natural warmth, especially when it can penetrate living area windows. Think about how and when the sun will penetrate living areas – you’re looking for natural warmth and cooling at the right times. Ask your real estate agent if you could obtain a climate report on the block so you can best inform design choices in your energy efficient home.

– Take a look around the neighbourhood. Are there big building or trees that might affect the flow of sunlight to the block of land you’re considering purchasing? Things that are blocking sunlight to your new home will affect solar benefits, so if this is a must-have, you might want to consider land for sale in other areas which aren’t lacking sunlight.

– Research prevailing winds in the area you are looking to build in. Natural ventilation is a major benefit to a Green Homes design because it allows for natural cooling in the warmer months of the year, meaning that you’ll rely less on using an air conditioner and save money on energy costs.

Functional aspects to consider:

Land Suitability – Make sure the land you purchase is the right size, shape, slope and soil type for the home you are looking to build.

Services – Find out about the availability of power, water and sewerage, soil conditions and stormwater easements. If these are non-existent, they can add substantial amounts of costs to the build. Remember the cheapest block isn’t always the best to build on.

Lifestyles and Design – Before you settle on a block, make sure that you find out from the local council if there are any design covenants. You may have dreams of building a home that just isn’t going to suit the neighbourhood, therefore find out what you’re allowed to do first. Also, check out the neighbouring areas – do you have access to shops, public transport and schools nearby?

Let Green Homes help you find your next home

We’ve made it easy for you by showcasing the best energy efficient blocks of land in your area. GHA house designs or your own custom designs can be developed for any of these locations. Just choose a location below and find out more information on all energy efficient benefits of your next Green Home.



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