Our Global Footprint

Green Homes has expanded its International Footprint and we could not be prouder to be able to offer energy efficient homes built to the highest standard. Our goal is to become the biggest energy efficient home builder in the World.


Green Homes Australia was launched in 2006 to address the lack of practical and affordable housing options available in Australia. We identified a massive gap between a standard project home and Green sustainable homes being built by bespoke architects and builders at a premium. We noticed that the larger middle-ground of everyday Australian’s who simply wanted to lower their energy bills were not being catered to.

It was these gaps that allowed us to create Green Homes and we were able to produce homes for the everyday Australian that were more energy efficient than a standard home, but still allowed us to use standard materials and trades. Meaning that a Green Home did not have to be overly expensive. Since it’s inception we have been able to help a vast number of Australians who may not have been green-minded, but who certainly wanted to own a home that used less energy.

New Zealand

After positive growth of energy efficient homes being built in the Australian market, we set our sights on expanding internationally and launched Green Homes New Zealand in October 2016. Green Homes New Zealand have experienced rapid growth since its launch, with four display homes and over 200 new builds to complete in 2018, alone.

The United States of America

And now we are off to the USA with the Green Homes concept. We have introduced the brand ‘Green Builders’ to the American market with our first Master Franchisee signing up in New York State. Even though it is early days of Green Builders inception, we can’t wait to be able to offer Americans the opportunity to build a modern, energy-efficient home that is built to the highest of international standards.