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A Skillset Environment Land Works Garden for your Green Home.

A professionally and thoughtfully designed garden can provide homeowners with a peaceful and calm refuge to relax in and enjoy.

Variety of function is key to good landscape design, providing owners with an aesthetically pleasing space that they can use to entertain, recreate, play and retreat to after a long day.

Skillset Environment Land Works can create a holistic landscape that compliments your Green Home increasing the usability and comfort of your space.

Skillset Environment has worked with Green Homes Australia over the past eight years training builders and providing sustainability consulting services. Skillset Environment Land Works builds on this relationship and provides gardens and landscaping that increase the home’s sustainability features.

Strategically placed deciduous and evergreen trees will cool your home throughout the warmer months through evapotranspiration and radiant heat reduction. In cooler climates, deciduous vegetation can provide automatic seasonal cooling and heating.

Water and maintenance requirements for gardens are important considerations when designing your garden. Therefore careful thought needs to be used when choosing climate-specific species and using water-wise gardening methods.

While the joy of growing and eating your own herbs and vegetables needs no explanation.

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Check out some examples of landscape designs that have been completed for Green Homes Australia.

Bond Landscape Design

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